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What Size Liquid cooler You Should Go For?

The main question which comes in everyone's mind when buying a liquid cooler is that what should be the size of the radiator? Whether it should be 120 mm, 240mm or 360 mm? Yes, it is difficult to decide but I'll clear all your doubts. So let's get started...

So in this, I will not tell you about the 140 mm and the 280 mm version because many cabinets do not support that. So I'll talk about that in any other article.

First of all the main thing about choosing the size of the radiator is that will it fit in the cabinet which you have? Of course, the 360 mm radiator will not fit in small and mid towers. It requires a big cabinet also called a full tower. What you want to keep in mind is that the fans will play a very big part in these liquid coolers. The fans have different speeds and stuff.

The 120 mm radiator is enough to cool a non-overclocked CPU. But the thing with the 120 mm radiator is that it will be noisy and will run in more speed for getting a higher capability.


Cuisine Royale : A New Battle Royale Game

The New Battle Royale Game With A Different Concept.

The New All-Kitchen-Warfare Battle Royale MMO Shooter! It is a massively multiplayer online game with a rather peculiar sense of humor. Spawn in random locations and search for the craziest loot ever. Take part in battles with up to 30 players at once that start on different areas of the map. You can play in squads, duos or go solo.

Improve your characteristics in a battle: chewing on a cigar will turn you into a real Tough Guy! Use a colander as head protection or equip a wok as a formidable breastplate. Free loot boxes with a 100% guaranteed drop chance on the labeled content.
Who can even think that cooking instruments can be used in a fight? Spawn in different well-named locations and scavenge for the loot. The game is like all other battle royale games which is humoristic. Equip your character with the best cooking instruments: pans, pots, sieves, plates, dishes...Explore open-world scenarios with total freedom. Improve the features and skills of your character during the battle with all sorts of aids and boosters.
Cuisine Royale is a free to play game. It is in early access now so you may get into technical difficulties. You can download this game on steam for free. This game was released as an April Fool's joke but became a very amazing game.
This game has many customizations like masks, suits, sprays, boxers, gadgets,  tombstones, Cameraman and gestures. Like other games have seasons, this game has Italian Weeks. Like in Fortnite you have to purchase a battle pass for extra rewards this game consists of Godfather's Cookbook.
Godfather's Cookbook Rewards
* A unique gesture that will instantly resolve disagreements when shown!
* +50% bonus to the experience you will receive in battles until the end of the season.
* A unique suit and mask.
* Additional weekly challenges
You will also have the opportunity to create more than 50 items to the recipes in the book:
* 26 sprays
* 17 boxer shorts
* 12 masks
* 7 suites
* 7 cameramen
* 4 gestures
Now let's talk about the gameplay. Movement through the world feels good too: vaulting walls and fences is smooth and natural. I'm not too sure about ballistics at this stage: I was popping players pretty good when firing from the hip, but somehow using iron sights felt less than accurate. At one point I emptied most of a mag at a fleeing player's back while aiming through sights and didn't seem to land a hit. Could be my aim was off, or maybe he had a good strong pan on his back that deflected the bullets, though I didn't hear any pinging. The sensitivity of the game is a little high but you can adjust it. When you kill a player the loot gets scattered and it looks very untidy. Cuisine Royale has loot boxes, too, in the form of refrigerators you'll find around the map.