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What Size Liquid cooler You Should Go For?

The main question which comes in everyone's mind when buying a liquid cooler is that what should be the size of the radiator? Whether it should be 120 mm, 240mm or 360 mm? Yes, it is difficult to decide but I'll clear all your doubts. So let's get started...

So in this, I will not tell you about the 140 mm and the 280 mm version because many cabinets do not support that. So I'll talk about that in any other article.

First of all the main thing about choosing the size of the radiator is that will it fit in the cabinet which you have? Of course, the 360 mm radiator will not fit in small and mid towers. It requires a big cabinet also called a full tower. What you want to keep in mind is that the fans will play a very big part in these liquid coolers. The fans have different speeds and stuff.

The 120 mm radiator is enough to cool a non-overclocked CPU. But the thing with the 120 mm radiator is that it will be noisy and will run in more speed for getting a higher capability.


Deji Confused The People At Esports Awards 2018

YouTuber Oladeji Daniel Olatunji AKA 'Deji' pulled a fast one at the 2018 Esports Industry Awards while announcing the winner of Esports Publisher of the Year.

Deji announced the wrong winner of Esports Publisher of the Year.

He said "This award goes to... Epic Games!" and the representative of Epic Games was coming towards the stage.

After some time he changed his statement by saying  "No I'm joking, I'm joking, It's a joke, it goes to Blizzard, well done Blizzard."

The Blizzard representatives look a bit confused as they get up and head towards the stage, not knowing what to expect at this point in the night.