Fans Of Pewdiepie Want Epic Games And Fortnite To Help Him Defeat T-Series

Are You Also A Fan Of Pewdiepie? Then Let's See This

As you can see Pewdiepie has reached 70 million he is still not far away from T-Series. There is just a difference of 1 or 2 million and the growth of T-Series is very much faster than the growth of Pewdiepie. It is also estimated that by the next month T-Series will lose the crown of the most subscribed channel in the world.

        So, for this many people have supported Pewdiepie and one of the biggest supporters is Mr.Beast. But still, it didn't make that much difference. So, Pewdiepie's Fans want Epic Games and Fortnite to support him because it is the most trending and popular game right now.
        Let's see what will happen till the next month. Till that time stay tuned.