Intel Vs AMD Processors | Which One Should You Choose

In This Article, I Will Clear All You Doubts About Intel And AMD Processors And Which One To Choose

Intel Processors Vs AMD Processors

1. Intel Processors are very expensive compared to AMD Processors and if you have a tight budget then you should go for AMD processors.

2. AMD's integrated graphics card is better than Intel's integrated graphics card and can run games more smoothly.

3.  AMD's Processor is more prone to heating compared to Intel Processors.
4. AMD Processors are one and a half times more power consuming than Intel Processors.

5. Intel's single-core performance is better than AMD's single-core performance but when it comes to multi-core performance, AMD takes the lead.

6. Last but not least, overclocking is hard to do in Intel but in AMD it becomes easy because of its Turbo Boost Technology.

So, guys, these are my opinions on Intel and AMD processors and on these points, you should select what you have to choose.