PC Vs Laptop | Which One You Should Choose

In This Article, I Am Going To Tell All The Factors On Which You Should Select A PC Or A Laptop

1. Mobility

If you are doing a work in which you have to travel a lot then I always recommend you to buy a laptop.

2. Budget

If you have a very tight budget, you can get a better PC than a laptop at the same price so in this case, you should always go for a PC.

3. Upgrading

You can easily upgrade a PC because you can easily get the spare parts of a PC but in a laptop, it's very hard. 

4. Gaming

You can very comfortably play games on a PC because the keyboard and mouse are there still you can also play games on a laptop but you have to purchase a keyboard and a mouse.

5. Heating 

Laptops generally heat very much compared to PC and you can add a cooling system in PC but you cannot add it in a laptop.

6. Repairment

Laptop accessories are very hard to find in the market and sometimes some accessories are not available in the market.

7. Included things

Laptops are included with a screen, touchpad, keyboard, facecam and etc. but in a PC you have to but these things separately.

8. Office work, School work etc.

In this, I will definitely go with a laptop as you can carry from one place to the other like going to a friends house with the laptop.

So, guys, these are my opinions about a PC and laptop and let me know about your suggestions too in the comments.