PUBG VS Fortnite | Which One Is Better?

Which Is The Best Battle Royale Game?

I am a fan of both of these games so I will not tell that this game is better or that game is better. Choices vary person to person. I am will give you some points.

1. PUBG got more realistic graphics than fortnite.
2. Fortnite is a fantasy type of game that's why graphics do not matter in it.
3. Fortnite's fans are more in the world compared to PUBG.
4. You can play fortnite for free but PUBG costs like a minimum of 15$.
5. You can experience more realistic gunshot sound in PUBG.
6. Fortnite's character movement is real but in PUBG the character movement is like a robot.
7. PUBG is all about aim but in fortnite, you need both aim and building skills.
8. I have played both the games but it takes more time to learn fortnite.
9. Fortnite can be played in a low-end pc but PUBG cannot be played.
10. There are FPS drop issues in fortnite.