10 Things You Should Remember Before Buying A Gaming PC

In This Article, I Am Going To Tell You That What You Should Keep In Mind Before Buying A Gaming PC

1. Never buy a PC before researching about it. When you buy a PC online or from any store you should research on it or else the retailers may cheat you.

2. If you are buying a processor, I always recommend buying the latest generation of the processor.

3. If you are buying a good graphics for gaming then always go for Nvidia or AMD.

4. Before buying a motherboard, always check that the RAM, GPU, and processor are compatible with it.

5. Never buy a motherboard which is of old gen because in future if you have to upgrade your PC then you have to change RAM, GPU, and processor including the motherboard. For example:- If you have bought a DDR3 motherboard then you cannot add a RAM of DDR4 and processor above Intel core i5 4th gen or equivalent AMD processor.

6. Always check the clock speed before you buy a processor that how much requirement you need.

7. RAM memory should also depend upon your requirement whether you want a 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB or etc. RAM. If you are doing a lot of things in your PC at a time you should go for a higher RAM memory.

8. It is always good to buy an 8 GB RAM instead of two 4 GB RAMs.

9. If you are buying a PC for gaming or video editing I recommend you to get a better graphics card.

10. If you are buying a PC whose specs are very high then you should add a good power supply.

So, guys, these are the things what I think should be there in your mind before buying a PC. If you have any other suggestions please comment down below.