Why Many People Are Not Fond Of Gaming In India?

This Question Might Be There In Your Mind?

You might think that why countries like the USA, UK etc. have many gamers but why not in India?

I will clear your answers in many different points

1. As you all know that India's economy right now is not that much that each and everyone can buy a gaming PC or console. You know that many people are still below the poverty line and those who are above the poverty line also do not earn that much.

2. There are a limited number of companies that are of Indians and that's why people have to buy things which come from outside India.

3. The customs duties of the products are very high.

4. The government of India doesn't give attention to these things and think that these things are not important and why to waste money on these things.

5. Gaming is not promoted in India because in India everyone thinks that this is a waste of time and money.

So, guys, these are my opinions about gaming in India. Let me know what you'll think.