Xbox One With Mouse And Keyboard Support Will Come On 14th November

From 14th November Players of Xbox One Can Play With Mouse And Keyboard

On November 13, four new Backward Compatible titles will be getting enhanced for Xbox One X. Till Now, gamers have played 1 billion hours of Backward Compatible games. Microsoft is rolling out the input options to gamers through an update. But everyone cannot play with that first. The first titles will be limited to insiders. 

          Fortnite will be one of the first Xbox One games with the new input support. But you will get similarly equipped players in matchmaking. Most of the people will buy this instead of gaming PC just to play the battle royale game with greater agility and precision.

         These are the listed games compatible for playing with mouse and keyboard: Vermintide 2War ThunderStrange BrigadeBomber CrewDeep Rock Galactic.

         USB keyboard and mouse will work. But Microsoft will launch "Designed for Xbox" program for keyboards that are designed with the console in mind. They'll have a dedicated Xbox key and will support the system's Dynamic Lighting feature to change hues in-game.

         Razer is currently the "exclusive" partner shipping a Designed for Xbox mouse and keyboard setup and will unveil its hardware in January at the Consumer Electronics Show.