Why PUBG Mobile Is The Most Trending Game In India?

There Are Many Reasons Why PUBG Mobile Is The Most Trending Game Right Now In India

PUBG Mobile Developed by Tencent Games is the mobile version of PUBG(Playerunknowns Battleground) which was developed by PUBG Corporation. 

The Rise Of PUBG Mobile In India
This Game Was Released at the starting of 2018. There were only a few people who knew about this but after some time it started gaining popularity in India when the people saw many Indian streamers streaming PUBG Mobile. Before this game was released streamers only streamed PC games in India. When the people saw that the game is very nice because it is the first battle royale game in mobiles, they asked the streamers that can they play this game in mobile phones. 

After sometime when people knew that this game is free-to-play they started playing this game and started influencing more people to play this game and the people who got influenced started playing this game and loved it. This game is also played by PC gamers in the emulator who does not have enough good PC to play PC games.

As many of the people in India do not own a PC they had never seen a game like this so it was the only best game which they can play in mobile. One more reason people played this game is that the game has realistic graphics which people loved.